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“Our mission is to bring good news, hope, and direction to the Texas Panhandle.”

Tired of negative news everywhere you turn?

The Upbeat Reporter is a Christian news magazine that focuses on local stories of good news, hope, and positive direction. With the uncertainty going on currently, we need to remind ourselves of the wonderful things that are occurring in our area. So many people have stepped up to help their neighbors and provide for the families most affected by the pandemic. These people and organizations are the focus of The Upbeat Reporter.


The Upbeat Reporter is revamping our website! We will be adding articles and feature stories from our past editions.  Our readers and advertisers are so important to us. 




The Upbeat Reporter Winter Issue 2022



Upbeat Reporter Fall Cover 2022
Upbeat and Beyond

Positive Media to Give you Hope.

Amarillo's newest talk show.

Wednesdays in March at 10:30am


Find episodes on Facebook & YouTube

or watch them on the website.

Hosts of Upbeat and Beyond

Spring Issue | 2023

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