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Light and Shadow

His Camp

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

I wanna be at camp

Where the sun shines warm on your skin

And you can play all day and never go in

Where we teach kids how to love

Just like we were taught from God above

I don’t wanna be at school

Where you sit for endless hours

And in order to get out you’d need superpowers

Where no one believes in Jesus

And I swear the AC tries to freeze us

I wanna be in the canyon

Where rattlesnakes hide from the sun

And all God’s children are free to run

Where there’s not a worry on the earth

Except for showing the kids what they’re worth

I don’t wanna be at work

Where I stand for hours prepping food

Dealing with customers who are just so rude

Where I have to search for words from above

And carry out tasks that I do not love

I wanna be in the pool

Where mermaids emerge from their caves

And boys see who can make the biggest waves

Where we party late into the night

Because we know everything will be alright

I wanna spread the word of the Lord

Who we sing to at night

Because it’s the only thing that feels right

Who loves me fully no matter what

Because from his perfect cloth I am cut

I wanna share with you the good news

He provides me with courage and gives me sight

So I can become his loyal knight

This place I speak of, my wonderful hoard

A place anyone can come to know the Lord

Written by

Emerson Byars

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