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Hosts of Upbeat and Beyond


Positive Media to Bring You Hope.


A half-hour show with hosts, Mary Kay Kuhrts, Dean Yates, and CathleenTyson-Day. This fun show welcomed community guests to share good news about special people making a difference.

Four shows in the Month of March 2023.

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Upbeat and Beyond



Video Recording


Upbeat and Beyond relaunched their local talk show for the month of March 2023. It was featured on NewsChannel10too with special guests that make a difference in the Amarillo community. Hosts: Mary Kay Khurts, Cathleen Tyson-Day, and Dean Yates.
The Upbeat Reporter continues a series of fascinating interviews expanding on the magazine articles, giving the reader a more in depth look.

Also featured: archive videos with guest talk show host, Sharon Miner. Produced and paid for by Sharpened Iron Studios.

UpBeat and Beyond - 002 Transformation Park | 030823

UpBeat and Beyond - 002 Transformation Park | 030823

Upbeat and Beyond - Positive Media to Give You Hope! With your hosts, Mary Kay Kuhrts, Dean Yates and Cathleen Tyson-Day. Focusing on the Amarillo Community and Texas Panhandle Segments sponsored by Street Toyota. We will feature stories about the unsung heroes, non-profit organizations and those that give heart and soul to make something happen. Also, the show will be featuring music and the arts from our friends in the Texas Panhandle. This episode interviews Cari Roach Good, Mark Zimmerman and Will Grant. We discuss Guyon Saunders Resource Center where they have provided services for the homeless for many years. They are beginning construction on a new facility to relocate. Transformation Park will be built across the street. This show brings new facts to life about how this organization has a huge heart to help the homeless get back on their feet with dignity. We hope you enjoy it. Opportunities to sponsor a segment or purchase a commercial can be discussed with Mary Kay Kuhrts. Production for commercials are also available through Amarillo Video Productions with Stan Hooker. Mary Kay Kuhrts - CREDITS Hosts: Mary Kay Kuhrts, Dean Yates, Cathleen Tyson-Day Music by Dean Yates Graphic Design by CathleenTyson-Day Production by Amarillo Video Productions Opening by Brant Fricker Follow us on social media. YouTube Channel: UpBeat Reporter - UpBeat and Beyond Facebook: The UpBeat Reporter Copyright February 2023
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